Addres: Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi.

Patient Testimonials

For long, I had this buzzing sensation in my left arm which grew more pronounced with time. Soon, I was not able to lift anything with my fingers. My friend suggested I visit Dr. Ashish Goyal for a diagnosis and I am glad he was the first doctor I chose. He could exactly pinpoint my condition and suggest the right process including a small surgical procedure. Today, I am living a normal life.

- Rajesh Garg

Degeneration of disk caught up with me, probably because I was riding bicycles all my life and was also physically stressed most of the times due to the nature of my work. After consulting many surgeons, I finally decided to go for spine surgery at the clinic of Dr. Ashish Goyal and the experience was indeed enlightening. Every step, right from pre-surgery checks and consultancy to post-operative care went super smoothly. Today, I am completely relieved from the pain and trauma of spinal cord injury, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Goyal.

- Ajay Kumar